I have a stream - First lecture

I have to admit that I did not sleep so great the night before. I have given a lot of seminars with 10-20 people, I have given talks in the main lecture before, but I have not done the whole lecture in front of 200 third-semester students. And I have not done streaming before. Murphy’s law pretty much predicated a disaster.


Therefore, in order to limit any potential damage, I decided to start with an introduction in which I would test the technical setup, present the syllabus and talk about all the details of the semester as well as include some basic information about how to study successfully. All of it with some memes for better entertainment, of course.


This of course came at one disadvantage: I was left with only 10 lectures that would focus on the actual content of strategy and leadership. However, I felt it best to have the technical setup down than run into problems on the first attempt and be behind for the rest of the semester.


For those not familiar with twitch, for viewers it offers a center view of the presented material, a smaller window showing the webcam and a chat section. See this picture (from the second lecture) as an example:


So it is quite possible to ask questions during the lecture and have people answer it in chat. You can also use several expansions to further increase viewer interaction. These are provided by several sources and can fairly easily be added on the Stream Manager site of twitch.

I chose Quiz Kit as a starter, as this allowed me to have single-choice tests that I could show in the lecture, have people answer and gain points for correct answers. Some light gamification, if you like. Turns out, this works quite well if you pay attention when selecting the anwers and designating which answers are correct. Which I, of couse, did not do thoroughly enough and this caused some confusion for the students when their obvious correct answers were false. But the principle worked out quite well and I swore to pay more attention to the details of the quiz.


 Also, it turned out that the students appreciated my efforts at humor and the usage of fresh, hot and dank memes right from the source reddit.com/r/memes.


As it turns out, my students are memelords themselves and started making memes of the lecture, some of which show appreciation for the format and some who actually deal very cleverly with the concent (wait for the lecture on transformational leadership). So besides a PhD and a teaching award, I now can point to several Tillmann-Memes as the highest honors I have received so far!

Take aways

Just a brief summary of some take-aways from the lecture:

First, talk slowly (story of my life).

Second, use your mouse courser when moving in tables to help people follow you.

Third, always read questions in the chat out loud in order to allow later viewers (or your viewers on youtube) to understand whats going on without reading the chat themselves.

Fourth: If you only have one monitor, disable the preview in Twitch Studie Beta of prepare for special effects on the scale of Interstellar (as shown in the video above).