At the Department of Politics and Public Administration we differentiate between two different forms of seminars. Normal seminars are intended to provide students with in-depth knowledge about certain topics, as well as teach them to write scientific papers.


ProSeminars on the other hand are specifically designed for students at the beginning of their studies to learn the basics of scientific work, including but not limited to finding, managing and understanding literature, and writing different forms of papers (empirical & review & conceptual).


These are the classes I have designed and taught.


Informal Leadership in Teams

In this seminar, my students and me discuss different forms of informal leadership, including shared leadership, distributed leadership, pooled leadership and complexity leadership.


For this, the current literature is systematically reviewed and presented by students while we compare, differentiate and discuss the different forms of informal leadership and the methods used to research them.

Ethical Leadership: Practice what you preach

Ethical leadership has been a hot topic in the leadership research in the last years, especially fueled by strong leadership misbehaviors in the industry. In this seminar, my students analyse a realistic scenario of leadership in a service industry. Afterwards, they apply the scientific literature to compare their observations and develop a intervention by creating a model of group behavior and proposing mechanisms to affect change. This is done in group settings to further develop team skills.


New Directions in Leadership Research

New forms of leadership research have taken root in the last 20 years since researchers have looked beyond transformational leadership to explain how leadership works. In this seminar, my students train their competence in finding, managing and understanding (as well as criticising) literature by examining these new directions. These include authentic, ethical, servant and shared leadership.

Selected Aspects of Psychology in Human Resources Management and Leadership

In this seminar, students train their competence a scientific writing by looking at human resource management from a psychological view. This includes instruments of employee selection, leadership, job satisfaction and turnover as well as a brief exploration of labor law.

Power and Leadership

Power and leadership are intrinsically linked, such that there can be no leadership influence without some kind of power. In this seminar my students involve themselves not only with the defintion of power, but also the effect power has on those who hold it and those who do not. Finally, the connection to leadership is made. As with all ProSeminars, this class is designed to teach students competence in dealing with scientific literature.