I have talked about how I used Twitch.tv to stream the lecture and the challenges and advantages associated with this approach. Today I want to talk about the other software I use for my teaching: Discord. Discord is a free software usually used by gamers that offers lot of flexibility. As per usual, when something is free, the consumer might actually be the product. In this case, Discord collects pretty much all data that ends up on its servers and has a range of options what to do with that...
Normally, the lecture on Strategy and Leadership ends with a multiple-choice exam. For years I have been closely involved in designing and administering this exam, so much that I was considering this part of the lecture to be routine. Then came Covid-19. In April, when I was making most of the decisions for the semester, there was horrible news from Italy and high uncertainty how Germany would be affected. So, putting 200 students into a room to write an exam seemed both unlikely to be allowed...
I have to admit that I did not sleep so great the night before. I have given a lot of seminars with 10-20 people, I have given talks in the main lecture before, but I have not done the whole lecture in front of 200 third-semester students. And I have not done streaming before. Murphy’s law pretty much predicated a disaster. Therefore, in order to limit any potential damage, I decided to start with an introduction in which I would test the technical setup, present the syllabus and talk about...
I continue the saga of using gaming tools like twitch & discord for teaching a online lecture. This post is mostly about technical and logistical stuff regarding the stream in case someone cares. You never know.
A brief series on my experiences with online teaching using the usual gamer tools of twitch and discord.
A brief and somewhat bitter discussion of the perceived inability of humans to actually solve their problems and how AI might help with that.
Tips for students in my classes, derived from my own experience as a student and as a lecturer. Do and Don't of studying succesfully.
Shared Leadership and gender has been the focus of some research, generally showing that women are more willing to share leadership than men, especially accross hierarchical boundaries.
Many leaders discover a seemingly unbridgable gab betwen them and their followers. In this post I ask: What is "power distance" and how can it be reduced?
Shared Leadership is like music
Shared Leadership is like Jazz music, as Philip C. Schlechty notes in his work.

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